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Drive a car you love.

Shopping for a car can be overwhelming. I help find the right one based on your wants and needs to take the stress from buying.

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No Pressure

Get unbiased, enthusiastic help from someone who loves shopping for cars.

Informed Advice

Decades of knowledge at your disposal to help decide what suits your needs best.

Shopping Assistance

Options delivered right to your inbox or instead of spending hours scouring ads.


Pre-Purchase Inspections: A trained eye to take a look at your prospect.

Whether you realize it at first or not, choosing a vehicle is emotional.

Maybe you’re not into cars at all – but when it comes time to drive one, it’s easy to start concerning yourself with the way it looks and how it drives.

This is natural, and healthy. Let it happen. You’re spending a lot of money – you should love it.

This is Joe.

Joe is the car curator. He has spent his life watching the auto industry, reading enthusiast magazines, repairing cars and driving. His enthusiasm for cars and how they fit into our lives puts him at advantage when shopping for them: he sees vehicles not only as tools, but as extensions of our personalities and members of our families. Joe loves the automobile, and wants you to love and trust yours.

How Joe can help.

  • Deciding what type and make of vehical fits your life.
  • Shopping assistance to find quality examples of what you’re looking for.
  • Pre-purchase inspections to ensure what you’re buying is up-to-snuff.
  • Maintenance and repair arrangements to get you the help you need reliably and quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Curious about the service? Here’s some answers.

Is the service a la carte or must it be bundled?

A la carte! As you’ll see on our pricing page, you can utilize the CarCurator for only the services you need.

Are you affiliated with any dealer?

Nope! I’m an independent consultant with no ties to any automotive group, nor do I get kickbacks from sales from any dealer.

Do you guarantee your suggestions?

No. Ultimately, the buying decision is yours. But rest assured that I’ve done my research and have put forth my best judgement.

Where do you shop?

Everywhere! The internet has many reliable sources for information, reviews, and searching for specific vehicles.

Can you get me special deals?

Not really. However, I can help shop around to find you the best deal. One thing is for sure – I can be sure you don’t get pushed around.

Can you take care of fleets?

Sure. I can help build and maintain fleets.

How do we communicate?

Your choice! For initial consultation I prefer phone or meeting over coffee, that gives me a far better idea of your needs and personality. Beyond that, email and texting are amazing tools.

Reach the CarCurator.

Call me, email me, DM me on Facebook or Instagram, or drop a line via the form here.

Davenport, IA


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