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The Car Curator can help with your fleets. Whether it is building or replacing your fleet, or getting all your vital work vehicles up-to-date and maintenance, I can help. Contact me directly to discuss!

Depending on the size of your fleet and the needs, we can build a custom package to fit your situation. The CarCurator considers a fleet to be two or more vehicles and they don’t need to be registered to a business!

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Things to Consider

Distrust of dealers has never been higher.

But to be frank – they don’t deserve the bad wrap. Car sales is a tough gig and margins are lower than once thought imaginable. You could say they’re paying their dues from decades of taking advantage of a population uneducated about car values, and maybe you’d be right. But generally speaking, car salesmen are good folk trying to make a living like the rest of us.

The internet is your friend.

Not everything we’ve gotten from this monster has been positive, but the sudden availability of widespread knowledge and information is certainly a high point. You can do your own research, cross-shop dealers across the country, and fact check your dealer. You can even fact check me! I encourage it. 

Repair shops are not your friend.

Really. This reads like a broad generalization, and it is. Again, though, the shops don’t always deserve the bad wrap. Cars are complicated and generally difficult to work on. When you take something apart, it’s usually inevitable something else breaks. That makes their business hard, and it’s only getting harder.

You should take good care of your car.

It matters. It helps to ensure it stays healthy and reliable for you, and it could mean hundreds or even thousands of dollars in value when you sell or trade in. Dealers will even knock some value off if it is excessively dirty – so stop by that automatic wash every now and then and ask for a vacuum. 

Trucks and SUVs are no safer than cars.

In fact, they’re less safe when you consider all factors. They handle worse, stop slower, tip easier, and make bigger accidents. All the bad things you heard about them in the ’90s are still true today. As advanced as safety system and stability control are, you can’t defeat physics. A bigger hammer does more damage, period. For every advantage an SUV or truck has in an accident, there is an opposite and equal disadvantage.

I don’t have a significant bias.

Personally, there are manufacturers I like more than others. But generally speaking, most makes have been building quality cars for years now. This service aims to find and present what fits YOU best, depending on what you need and like, while cosnidering my knowledge of performance and reliability.